Art of Building Spaces

A strong belief in constant evolution keeps DNR Corp on the path to deliver enhanced lifestyles. We are a venture that creates, regulates and improvises itself constantly, keeping up with the ever changing paradigm. High quality standards combined with continuous innovation help us have a strong relationship with all our stakeholders. Also, our first-time customers soon become repeat investors as we make timely delivery of all our promises.

The key to DNR Corp’s work ethic is Innovation and Interaction. Be it information or an individual, we are the gardeners, willing and eager to invest loving efforts and energy. While we are constantly on the lookout to improve different aspects of the industry, our unique ideas prove to be both efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

Million Ongoing SQFT

Million Delivered SQFT

Happy Customers


DNR Corp has emerged from the passion for building life with signature experience. We enjoy creating beautiful spaces from the heart, enabling a joyous lifestyle to our customers. Transparent in our approach and efforts, we fulfil the dreams of many without any compromise in quality. Our sole aim is to uplift people’s lives by providing innovative, contemporary & environmentally sensitive residential and commercial spaces.



We attach a strong sense of responsibility in providing excellent outcomes to our customers and stakeholders.


Zero-compromise policy and consistent quality standards make DNR Corp a reliable partner in the real estate industry. We take proper measures to deliver 100% value to our investors.


DNR Corp’s core strategy focuses on thorough analysis and concise planning that covers all aspects of a project in detail. We are committed to creating environments that are in harmony with life and nature.


Building life with a vision.


Our vision is to build spaces at extraordinary locations with best in class specifications, concept-based designs, international standards & true value. We aim to earn customer loyalty and satisfaction with superior services and unmatched quality.